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+++ As the leading innovator of access control, ProdataKey has developed the most versatile system available on the market. Over the last decade ProdataKey has committed to making access, “smart access,” by understanding the industry and surpassing legacy technology still found in the market today. ProdataKey is committed to combining the latest technology for smarter and smaller access control devices. Want a system that is flexible, scalable, reliable, and more cost effective than other enterprise solutions of its kind? There is only one place to turn, ProdataKey. Prodatakey offers premise based, and now offer the 1st cloud based access control system in the industry. Can’t get wires to a location? That’s ok because ProdataKey offers “wireless” control modules that create their own mesh network which allows for easier and faster installations Whether you have 1 door or 1000 doors, 1 user or a 1000 users, ProdataKey has a solution designed for you and within a budget you would expect.


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