Services we provide and specialize in.



Paradox Alarms and Access Controls

+++ Choice 1 Communications is a "Gold" partner with Paradox USA. We are one of the largest and longest running Paradox systems integrators in the Midwest. Our long term commitment with Paradox and our "Gold" partner status allows us to offer a 5 year manufacturer warranty on all Paradox products. Paradox USA offers products for residential and commercial applications, offering leading edge technology in the security products market. Offering 1 to 192 zones, integrated 32 door access controls, 8 partitions, IPs, Smartphone integration systems. Paradox also offers an array of stylish keypads. Paradox has a solution to suit any application. Paradox offers complete protection against burglary, fire, smoke, heat and water damage. Paradox allows you piece of mind while you sleep or are away from your property

Interlogix Alarms

+++ Choice 1 Communications is a committed partner with Interlogix Security Systems. Interlogix offers one of the markets most prestigious wireless systems with integrated home automation. If you want to "control your home from your phone" Interlogix has a product for you. With just a simple stand alone hub with built in web server, Interlogix offers complete home integration at affordable prices. With leading industry technology, Interlogix offers a vast array of wireless products and systems that allow superb protection for all that is valuable to you.

Prodatakey Access Controls

+++ Door Access Control allows management of WHO, WHEN, and WHERE an individual is granted access to a facility, pass through a door, or areas within a facility. Door access control allows easy management of doors and areas using electronically controlled locks and verity of RFID badging, with all information logged in a database. Users can now easily set permissions and schedules who and when someone can be granted access. NO more keys lost, stolen, or copied. With a few strokes of the keyboard you can easily add or delete users. Database reports can be implemented on a door, or user, to aid in knowledge of who, when, and why access was granted. Door access control can be implemented on doors, gates, elevators, vending machines, and a host of other solutions that you may need to control access or need knowledge of who was granted access. From 1 door to 1000 doors, 1 user to 1000 users, we have a solution to fit your needs, and within your budget.


+++ Choice 1 Communications is a certified dealer with Dahua Technologies USA. Dahua Technology USA brings HIGH value, total security solutions to the North American market by focusing on integrity and personal relationships to enhance the customer experience. Dahua’s surveillance solutions, from award-winning cameras to video management software, deliver unparalleled quality, reliability and stability. Dahua hold the world’s second largest market share according to a 2015 HIS report. Dahua’s core product video surveillance lines – network cameras, NVR’s, and HD analog – can be applied in many markets. These markets include banking, retail, manufacturing, hotels/resorts, venues/stadiums, municipalities and transportation industries. Choice 1 Communications is a Preferred Certified Dealer, which allows us to extend a 5 year manufacture warranty on all Dahua surveillance products



+++ Choice 1 Communications is a Panasonic authorized "Silver" partner. We are one of the areas longest and most committed Panasonic partners. Our president has been affiliated with Panasonic since 1987 and as a business owner since 2000. Panasonic sits #1 and has grown into the largest telephone system PBX manufacturer in the world. IP, digital, analog and wireless solutions; Panasonic offers integration for almost any situation. From 1 Extension to a 1000, one site or multiple sites, Panasonic can accommodate the smallest to the largest applications. Call center and CTI (computer telephone integration) are easily achieved with a one time license purchase. Any Panasonic license purchase is always one-time and you own it for life with NO reoccurring license charges. Panasonic easily integrates to 3rd party switches and equipment allowing you to keep up front costs to a minimum. Panasonic offers a standard 2 year warranty on all products. Panasonic also offers a purchase option of an additional 5 year extended warranty, for a total of 7 years of protection.



+++ Choice 1 Communications provides design and complete end to end installation of data cabling, along with certification of performance and stability. Whether its indoor, outdoor, above ground, or below ground, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6E, Cat7, or Multimode / Singlemode Fiber Optics, we can install a single or a multitude of connections from start to finish. We offer over 30 years experience of data center and backbone cabling technology and connectivity, along with wire management experience, and we can insure your investment and backbone of your facility always maintains the highest standards and redundancy without interruption or disruption to your business.  We offer level 4 certification testing, racks, enclosures, patch panels, end point connectivity, along with fiber fusion splicing to assure a level of premium performance many others cannot or may not achieve.



Comcast Business

+++ Choice 1 Communications is a certified Comcast Business Services provider, offering premier Comcast internet, dial tone, and hosted PBX solution services to your company. Choice 1 Communications also provides other internet and data options from many other providers outside Comcast territory as well.

IPitomy Communications

+++ Choice 1 Communications is a certified IPitomy Communications integrated services provider, allowing us offer IPitomy SIP trunking telephone line options, IPitomy hosted PBX solutions, and IPitofax virtual faxing options, offering substantial savings over the competition. If you are paying over 100.00 per month for your telephone line service, chances are we can provide service at a substantial discount.